So, I thought I would be brave, and search on Google for the “Best Australian Holiday Destinations”, to see what the rest of the world according to Google, came up with.

Unfortunately, the information is sadly out of date, because Google came up with tropical paradises like Hamilton Island and the diverse and pristine Kangaroo Island.

Two Months ago, they would have been good choices, but the devastation of the bush fires and drought have ravaged Kangaroo Island and they will take a little while to get back on their feet.

If you really want to feel good about your Australian holiday, you should still visit and spend money in these towns to get the economy flowing so they can rebuild.

 Day Dream Island


If you visit the “Sailing Whitsundays” website, they assure us that the Whitsunday Islands have been spared from the devistration bush fires in NSW and Victoria.

The skies are generally clear, the weather has been warm and sunny with traditional short downpours of summer rain. This summer rain brings out the greening of the islands and our local creeks and waterfalls begin to flow.

Destinations to mark on your list

Bullet point tickedWhitsunday offshore sailing regatta.

  • Hamilton Island Race Week

  • Airlie Beach Race Week

Bullet point ticked Airlie Beach, Daydream Island and Hayman Island resorts were closed after damages incurred by Cyclone Debbie in 2017. They have been renovated and have been reopened.

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